Design work done for the teaser announcing the joining of Aardman and Nathan Love. The idea was to create characters inspired by the classic Aardman look, but with a twist. The story shows a pyramid shaped like the Aardman star merging with the Nathan Love heart.
Initial character explorations.
Exploring some color options.
The range of faces.
The final character designs.
An animation test to show the fluidity of the characters.
Environment style frame.
Environment style frame.
Style frame to set the lighting and color for the beginning of the short.
The following are paintovers done on top of 3d playblasts. These were done to figure out the lighting and look of the sequences as the story progressed. The light of the heart star and eventually the underside of the pyramid created many interesting lighting conditions.
The Teaser
And a shout out to all of the talent/hard working/amazing people at Aardman Nathan Love that brought this beast to life, in a month no less!​
Thanks for looking!
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