This is the cover for the second book in my graphic novel series Lightfall. There was quite a process to land on this final image, with lots of options explored. Some of the process is included below. I'm excited about the final cover and hope you enjoy it! The book will be released in April 2022.
Creating the cover always starts with generating ideas. I went through quite a few options for this one. It started with a very wide range of images and then with input from my editor and designer, we honed in on a winner. 
We decided to focus on this direction. I really liked the idea of a waterfall and using blues and greens to separate it from the cover of Book 1 in the series. 
A last minute re-thinking and exploring a few more options. Just making sure no stone is unturned!
Really nailing down that final image. Option 2 here was the one we chose.
With the design settled on, the process of the final image began. Here's the sequence from the sketch to the drawing done in pencil through the final painting.
Thanks for looking!
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