Lightfall Book 3 - The Dark Times
This is the cover of the third book in my graphic novel series Lightfall. It is out through HarperAlley on April 2, 2024.
Here's the official synopsis...
Danger lurks as the air grows colder and threats lie in the shadows at every turn. While the rest of their fellowship seeks safety, Bea and Cad team up with a small group of survivors to travel to the Citadel of Knowledge, pursuing answers to their world’s darkest mysteries.
​​​​​​​But their journey reveals even more secrets. Until an unexpected ally shines a light in the darkness, providing a clue to a mystery from long ago…and a beacon of hope for the future.
Some of the sketches. This is maybe half of them. I explored a lot of different ideas and directions for this one.
A selection of color studies before moving on to the final image.
The final full spread.
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