I was Art Director on this super fun project at Aardman Nathan Love. We created 21 wintry themed bumpers for Nickelodeon, reimagining classic characters in a hand crafted 3D aesthetic. Below is a supercut of the spots and a bunch of designs I made along the way. A huge thank you to the amazing team at Aardman Nathan Love and the wonderful folks at Nickelodeon.
Layout drawings made as guides for building out the 3D scenes. 
21 spots leads to a lot of props. These were a lot of fun.
Color Keys
These were rough studies done to get a sense of the color and lighting for each spot. The amazing lighting and compositing team would use these as a starting point and then go wild, creating magical winter wonderlands.
Stills from the final spots.
The Reject Pile
They can't all be winners. These are some boards that didn't make the cut, but I still like them.
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