This is some visual development I did at Nathan Love in early 2020 for a Xiidra commercial about dry eye. The task was to create a new character, Inflammation, who is an irritant that lives in the eye causing itchiness and pain. He needed to feel hot and itchy, but still be appealing. We went through a wide exploration process before landing on our final design. 
This was an initial exploration, hitting a variety of options based on the brief from the client. 
A squishy guy with a goofy hat was explored for a bit.
This guy had a 1950's greaser vibe going on.
A couple more options that were explored.
This was our selected character. He had wild eyes, hair like fire and crackling lava-like skin. 
This was an earlier, rejected design, but I did make a quick style frame using him.
In addition to the character, the chamber needed to be designed. It was supposed to be the inside of the eyeball, so it was a spherical shape, with lots of wires and control panels.
After the spot was complete, we created several high resolution poses for print. 
Thanks for looking!
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